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44 Custom Hansen Gillnetter / Longliner GN769
44 x 14 CUSTOM HANSEN. Built in 2014. Isuzu 6HK1WM-AB 350 hp diesel. Twin Disc 507 2:1 gear w/ troll valve. Bow thruster. Autopilot. Flush deck. Hydraulic drive aluminum net reel w/ power roller. Marine head w/ shower & tub. Sleeps (6). Located Haines, Alaska.
$425,000 NEW LISTING 01-03-20

38 Hydraulic Fishing Supply Gillnetter GN757
38 x 14 HYDRAULIC FISHING SUPPLY. CAT 3406 520 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc MG511A 1.5:1 gear. Packs 10,000 lbs. Hydraulic Fishing Supply drum w/ internal drive. Caron hydro-torque motor w/ levelwind & power roller. PL2 topping winch & PL2 boom winch. (3) bunks. Marine head w/ shower. Located Ketchikan, Alaska.

34 Chinook Area M Drift Package GN605
34 x 11 CHINOOK / SKOOKUM. Includes Area M drift permit! Cummins 555 diesel 320 hp. Twin Disc MG-507 2:1 marine gear. 3-station Capilano steering w/ Hynautic controls. Packs 8,000 lbs. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Maritime Fab deck gear. Complete electronics includes autopilot. Dickinson Bering stove. (2) berths. Located Port Moller, Alaska.

38 Kachemak Marine Gillnetter GN758
38 x 12 KACHEMAK MARINE. CAT 3208TA 425 hp diesel w/ ZF marine gear, rebuilt 2017. 3-Station helm. Manual steering & Hynautic controls. ComNav 1001 autopilot. Flush deck. Packs 20,000 lbs. KEM drive aluminum net reel w/ levelwind. Kinematic power roller. Sleeps (4). Includes (2) SE nets. Located Skagway, Alaska.

38 Mel Martin RSW Gillnetter GN756
38 x 12 MEL MARTIN. Volvo TAMD 420 hp diesel. Twin Disc 1.45:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Teleflex steering & Com Nav jog control. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Flush deck. Packs 18,500 lbs in insulated holds rigged for brailers. Kinematics Twister driven sliding reel w/ levelwind. Kinematics power roller. Marine head. (4) Berths. Complete electronics w/ 2019 Com Nav autopilot. Located Homer, Alaska.
$120,000 PRICE REDUCED 01-14-20

41 Master Bay Gillnetter GN744
41 x 14 MASTER BAY. Volvo TAMD 122D 462 hp diesel w/ 20,000 hrs & ZF 2:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ SeaStar steering & Hynautic controls. 8.5 kt cruise @ 1300 RPM. ComNav autopilot. Maritime Fab roller. KEM driven net reel w/ chain levelwind. Pullmaster winch on boom. Packs 20,000 lbs in (6) holds. Sigmar diesel stove. Sleeps 3. Enclosed head. Located Hoonah, Alaska.

36 Albion Gillnetter GN751
36 x 10-5 ALBION. Volvo 140 hp w/ 16,000 hrs Capital 2.4:1. 3-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & MMC controls. Simrad autopilot. Sliding reel w/ Kinematics levelwind. Power roller. Flush deck. Packs 8,000 lbs. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (2) Berths. SE drift permit available. Located Juneau, Alaska.

36 Roberts / Martin Troller GN753
36 x 11 ROBERTS / MARTIN. John Deere 6068 220 hp diesel & Twin Disc gear w/ 9,000 hrs. 3-Station helm w/ hydraulic steering & MMC controls. Packs 8,000 lbs in (2) holds rigged for brailers. Sleeps (4). Enclosed head. Located Petersburg, Alaska.

42 Polar Marine GN711
42 x 14-5 POLAR MARINE. Gillnetter / longliner. Lugger L6125A 440 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG509 2:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Capilano steering & Hynautic controls. 11 kt cruise, 16 kt top speed. Packs 30,000 lbs in single insulated hold w/ bin boards. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Located Homer, Alaska.

40 Wegley Gillnetter GN724
40 x 13 WEGLEY. New 2017. CAT C-9 503 hp diesel w/ 1500 hrs. ZF gear. 3-Station helm w/ Hydraulic steering & Glendenning controls.12 kt cruise & 23 kt top speed. Gillnet reel w/ levelwind. Aluminum crab tank. 16' aluminum mast w/ 11' boom. Hydraulic davit w/ line hauler. Flush deck. Marine head w/ shower. Located Anacortes, Washington.

37 Wegley RSW Gillnetter GN738
37 x 13 WEGLEY. Built 2014! 6090 John Deere 425 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc 507 2:1 gear. 8" Side power bow thruster. 3-Station helm w/ ZF Micro Commander controls & Sea Star steering. Pac West 8.5-ton RSW. Flush deck. Kinematics sliding reel w/ levelwind & power roller. (3) bunks. Marine head w/ shower. Area M drift permit available. Located Homer, Alaska.

34 Kvichak Gillnet / Longline / Seine GN730
34 x 13-3 KVICHAK. Rigged to gillnet, longline & seine. Ready to be chopped to 32: last 2' bow welded on, built for future in Bristol Bay. Lugger L6140A 550 hp diesel w/ 11,000 hrs & 2016 Twin Disc gear. Bow thruster. 3-Station helm. Flush deck. Packs 20,000 lbs in (7) holds. Plumbed for RSW. Kvichak levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. (4) Berths, enclosed head w/ shower. Located Kenai, Alaska.

38 Ledford Seiner SN157
38 x 12-8 LEDFORD. CAT 3208 210 hp diesel. Twin Disc 506 2:1 gear. Single-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse controls. (4) Berths. Marine head. Located Chignik, Alaska.

38 J&K Hulls Gillnetter GN734

38 x 12-5 J&K HULLS. Volvo TAMD71A 357 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc MG-507 2:1 gear. 2-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & autopilot. (2) Berths. Enclosed head w/ shower. Flush deck. Packs 12,000-14,000 lbs in (5) holds. Located British Columbia, Canada.


40 Master Bay Marine CI Drift Package GN710
40-6 x 12-1 MASTER BAY MARINE. CAT 3208TA 375 hp w/ 10,000 hrs. Twin Disc MG-507 2.5:1 marine gear. 3-station Capilano steering w/ Hynautic controls. KEM drive levelwind net reel. Aluminum passive roller w/ fairleads. Incl. two CI Drift permits. Located Homer, Alaska.

40 Russian Marine Cook Inlet Drift Pkg GN717
40 x 11-1 RUSSIAN MARINE. Lugger L6108-A2 375 hp diesel w/ 3200 hrs. Twin Disc MG-507 2:1 marine gear. 3-Station helm w/ Capilano steering & ZF controls. 12 kt cruise, 16 kt top speed. Packs 16,000 lbs in insulated hold w/ bin boards. Flush deck. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Includes CI drift permit. Located Homer, Alaska.

35 Modutech Gillnetter GN715
35 x 11 MODUTECH gillnetter. 1997 Mercruiser 502 450 hp & 2.54:1 BorgWarner gear. 3-station helm with hydraulic steering & Hynautic controls. 7-8 kt cruise, 18 kt top speed. Packs 16,000 lbs in brailers. Power roller &  reel w/ levelwind. Lot's of 2018 new parts & repairs! Located Kenai, Alaska.

42 Sunnfjord GN720
42 x 13 SUNNFJORD. Seine / gillnet / longline / crab. Mann Twin Turbos. Packs 18,000 lbs. 4 x 5 KEM drive reel. Power roller. 19" seine block. Kolstrand double capstan deck winch. Topping winch. Main & picking booms. Removable custom Sunnfjord seine deck. Located Kenai, Alaska.

38 Ledford Seiner SN158
38 x 12-8 LEDFORD MARINE. No engine. 2-station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse controls. Packs 30,000 lbs. IMS 15-ton RSW. (4) Berths plus daybunk. Enclosed head. Located Chignik, Alaska.

36 Custom Built Aluminum Hull GN754
36 CUSTOM BUILT ALUMINUM HULL. Partially finished hull w/ potential for landing craft, gillnetter, or house boat; finish according to your needs! Includes $4,500 in additional aluminum and  $10,000 worth of welding equipment. Located in Homer, Alaska.

36 Roberts Gillnetter GN629
36 x 11-8 ROBERTS. Lugger 6018 330 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG-506 1.97:1 marine gear. Packs 10,000 lbs. 3-Station Wagner steering. Custom articulating levelwind reel w/ Kolstrand gear box. Maritime Fab power roller. Complete electronics. Dickinson Pacific range. (2) Berths. Marine head. Located Homer, Alaska.

34 Bay Welding Jet Bowpicker BP210
34 x 11 BAY WELDING. Twin Marine Power S6.0V 375 hp gasoline. ZF Marine 1.26:1 gear. Ultra Jet 251H water jets. 56" double swinging side door. Flush deck. Kinematics Twister drive 46 x 37 net reel w/ levelwind. Kinematics power roller w/ fairleads. Wedgewood Vision 3-burner range. 3 berths. Marine head w/ shower. Complete electronics. Located Homer, Alaska.

42 Delta Marine CH160
42 x 13 DELTA MARINE. Motivated seller! Single Cummins QSM11 635 hp diesel w/ < 1000 hrs. Twin Disc MG-5114 marine gear. Aluminum davit & Hydro-Slave pot puller. (4) manual down riggers. (8) deep sea rods. (5) trolling rods w/ reels. Radar, GPS-plotter-sounder. (4) Berths. Marine head. Located Homer, Alaska.

38 Delta LeClercq Seiner / Gillnetter SN163
38 x 13-5 DELTA LECLERCQ. Volvo 61A 325 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc marine gear. 2-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse cable controls. New Isuzu 10kW gen set. PTL2 picking boom. (4) berths. Marine head. Flush deck. (4) Insulated, tankable holds. Located Craig, Alaska.

38 Kachemak Marine GN534
38 x 11 KACHEMAK MARINE. Yanmar 420 hp diesel rebuilt 2011. Twin Disc 506 marine gear new 2012. Packs 20,000 lbs. New fish holds, hatches, paint & more in 2019! KEM drive reel. (4). Includes Gear Shed jig machines. Lots of recent upgrades. Located Homer, Alaska.

40 Snowball Gillnetter GN705
40 x 11-5 SNOWBALL GILLNETTER. Volvo TAMD 71B 380 hp diesel. Twin Disc 507 gear. 3-Station helm w/ NAUD controls & Leeson steering. Maritime Fab reel w/ Kinematic power roller & auto levelwind. Packs 12,000 lbs. Sleeps (2). Marine head w/ shower. Located Juneau, Alaska.

38 Martushev Gillnet / Longline GN510
38 x 11-2  MARTUSHEV. Cummins 6CT 300 hp diesel w/ Twin disc gear. Packs 14,000 lbs. Aluminum gillnet reel w/ longline spool. Longline roller & power roller.Complete electronics. Dickinson Pacific range. (4) Berths. Marine head. Located Homer, Alaska.

37 Matsumoto GN577
37 x 11 MATSUMOTO  CAT 3208N 210 hp diesel w/ 3000 hrs. Twin Disc MG-506 w/ 500 hrs. Completely rebuilt in 2014 / 2015 - everything new! Vessel is well built & maintained. (4) shackles new gillnet, lines & buoys. Fished 2018 season.  Cook Inlet Drift permit available. Located Ninilchik, AK.
$100,000 MAKE OFFER

40 Roberts Gillnetter GN677
40 x 13-9 ROBERTS. CAT 3306 270 hp diesel. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. Vickers hydro pump. Sliding net reel w/ Kolstrand levelwind. Kolstrand power roller. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Dickinson Pacific range. Sleeps (4). Marine head w/ shower. Located Kenai, Alaska. 

40 Mel Martin GN631
40 x 11-7 MEL MARTIN. Cummins 6BTA 250 hp diesel engine. Twin Disc MG-506 2.5:1 marine gear. Packs 20,000 lbs. Kinematics net reel. Macro power roller. Red Dot cabin heater. Located Sitka, Alaska.

38 Mel Martin Gillnetter GN686
36 x 11-5 MEL MARTIN flush deck gillnetter packs 12,000 lbs salmon. Volvo Penta 6-cyl 270 hp turbocharged diesel. Twin Disc MG-506 1.93:1 gear. Easthope drive sliding aluminum reel w/ Kinematics levelwind. Kolstrand power roller. Dickinson diesel range. Norcold fridge/freezer. Sleeps (3). Includes slush bags, brailers, 2 nets, spare prop. Located Kasilof, Alaska.

42 LaConner Gillnetter GN668
42-1 x 13-9 LACONNER. John Deere 6125 525 hp turbocharged diesel. ZF gear. Alaska Hydraulic hydro pump. Pacer hydraulic 2" washdown pump. Packs 20,000 lbs in insulated hold fit for bin boards. KEM drive net reel w/ Maritime Fab levelwind. Kolstrand power roller. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (4) berths. Dickinson Pacific oil range. Located Kenai, Alaska

42 LaConner RSW Gillnet / Longline / Seine GN683
42 x 14 LACONNER. 2017 CAT C9.3 475 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc gear. IMS 12-ton RSW. Packs 28,000 lbs. Kinematics Twister drive levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Includes seine & longline deck gear. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (4) berths. Marine head w/ shower. Located Homer, Alaska.

42 Hydraulic Fishing Supply GN569
42 x 14-5 HYDRAULIC FISHING SUPPLY packs 25,000 lbs in individual brailer holds. Plumbed for RSW. Flush deck w/ 33" aluminum bulwarks. Twin CAT 3208TA 375 hp. Twin Disc MG507 marine gears. ZF controls & Capilano steering. Cessna hydraulic pumps. Full electronics. Dickinson oil range, stainless sink, (4) bunks. Located Kenai, Alaska

40 Kipida Marine Gillnetter GN755
40 x 11-1 KIPIDA MARINE. Needs repower. CAT 3208TA 320 hp & Twin Disc MG-507 2:1 gear. 3-Station Mather controls 2/ Capilano steering.  KEM drive aluminum net reel. Longline reel included. Sound power roller w/ fairleads. Packs 20,000 lbs. Sleeps (4). Marine head w/ shower. Located Kasilof, Alaska.

36 Dickinson Bowpicker BP200
36 x 12 DICKINSON BOWPICKER. Twin Marine Power 350 E 5.7V-VRI 325 hp gas w/ 1320 hrs. New 2-station Micro Commander controls. 24 kt cruise. KEM drive net reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Sleeps (2). Lots of recent upgrades! Located Soldotna, Alaska.

36 Roberts Gillnetter GN646
36 x 11-5 ROBERTS w/ CAT 3126 420 hp diesel w/ 2500 hrs. Twin Disc gear. 3-Station helm. Vickers 12 GPM hydro pump. 14 kt cruise. Packs 12,000 lbs in new slush bags and brailers. Net chute w/ fairleads. Aluminum KEM drive net reel. Dickinson Pacific range. (2) Berths. Located Kasilof, Alaska.

36 Okabe Gillnetter GN759
36 x 11 OKABE. Cummin 6BTA5.9 210 hp diesel w/ Borg Warner Velvet 2.5:1 gear. Wagner steering & Microcommander controls. Packs 10,000 pounds. East Hope drive aluminum net reel w/ power roller. Sleeps (2). Marine head. Dive & drift gear available. Located Ketchikan, Alaska.

33 Uniflite Cook Inlet Drift Package GN494
1979 UNIFLITE 33 x 11.1 Flush deck gillnetter packs 20,000 lbs in 3 brailer holds rigged for brailer. Cummins VT555M 260 hp diesel. Twin Disk 506 1.9:1 gear. 11 kt cruise @ 6 gph. Standard VHF, Raytheon sounder, Hummingbird sounder, Sitex radar & Garmin GPS. Trailer available. Located Kasilof, Alaska.

41 Permaglass Plastics Troll / Longline / Gillnet TR036
41-3 x 14-6 PERMAGLASS PLASTICS. John Deere 6081 diesel. Twin Disc 5075 gear w/ troll valve. Hynautic controls. Queensborough drum fits 25 skates, Longline spooler, line hauler, electric winch & davit for lifting skiff. Full fridge/freezer. (4) bunks. Shower room & washroom. Vessel would need to be ad-measured to participate in U.S. fisheries. Located Vancouver Island, BC.

34 Russian Marine Cook Inlet Drift Package GN648
34 x 10-7 RUSSIAN MARINE gillnetter built 1970. John Deere 6068 diesel. Twin Disc MG506 gear. 3-station steering new 2010. Hynautic controls, new 2008. 7-8 kt cruise. KEM drive levelwind net reel. Garmin electronics. (2) bunks. Includes nets, slush & brailer bags, tools, etc. Longline reel & gear available. Located Kenai, Alaska

42 LaConner Gillnetter GN653
42 x 13 LACONNER. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA 550 hp w/ 4500 hrs. Twin Disc 5111 marine gear. Packs 7200+ pounds. Gillnet reel. New longline reel w/ rear foot control. Davit. Autopilot. Dickinson diesel stove. (4) Berths. Marine head. Located Kenai, Alaska.

40 McEarchen Gillnetter GN704
40 x 11-5 MCEARCHEN GILLNETTER. John Deere 6068 230 hp keel cooled diesel engine. Twin Disc 509 gear. T-Ram hydraulic steering w/ Morse cable controls. Kinematics Piston drive drum. Maritime Fab stern roller. Pullmaster PL2 on picking boom. Hydro Slave shrimp shiv. Packs 20,000 lbs. Located Ketchikan, Alaska.

37 Russian Marine Gillnetter GN655
37 x 11-1 RUSSIAN MARINE. Single owner boat! Lugger 370 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG507 gear. 3-station helm. KEM drive gillnet and longline reels. Power roller. Dickinson Alaska heater. Enclosed marine head. Sleeps (4). Located Kenai, Alaska.

48 Radon Troller Gillnetter TR034
48 x 16 RADON TROLLER / BOWPICKER. Detroit Diesel 6-71 180 hp engine. Packs 8000 lbs in holds, more in totes. Hydraulic lead slinger. KEM drive levelwind net reel. 3-Spool hydro gurdies. Autopilot. Large sleeping area. Shower. Seller is open to offers! Located Yakutat, Alaska

36 Tollycraft Gillnetter GN692
36 x 11-3.5 TOLLYCRAFT. Packs 14,000 lbs. Gillnet reel. 2 station steering. Garmin 4212 GPS. Propane stove. (2) berths forward. 300 gal fuel capacity. Anchor and rode. Located Kenai, Alaska. No engine, shaft or prop. Located Kenai, Alaska.

35 Freeman Howard Gillnetter GN379
35 x 10-8 FREEMAN HOWARD. 2011 Cummins 210 hp diesel & Twin Disc gear. Major refit & refurbish 2011. Packs 10K lbs salmon. Aluminum net reel. Kolstrand power roller. Complete electronics. V-berth forward. Turnkey boat includes 12 brailers. Located Homer, Alaska.

34 Roberts Cook Inlet Drift Package GN707
34 x 11 ROBERTS. Looking to trade for 3A D class quota. Could include CI drift permit and nets. 2004 Cummins diesel. Twin Disc gear. Packs 10,000 lbs. Levelwind reel, Maritime Fab power roller. Complete electronics. Dickinson Pacific range. Located Kenai, Alaska. 

39 Alumatech Welding Gillnetter GN690
39 x 13-8 ALUMATECH WELDING GILLNETTER. Twin V-8 Volvo Penta 8.1 liter 375 hp gas. Volvo Penta DPS-B Duo prop 1.78:1 gear. Hydraulic steering & 2018 MMC controls. Kinematics aluminum level wind reel w/ Vitek power roller. (4) berths. Marine head. Dickinson diesel stove. Located Homer, Alaska.

36 Harris Cook Inlet Drift Package GN654
36 x 12 HARRIS GILLNETTER. Detroit Diesel 671 260 hp engine. 2:1 marine gear. Hynautics steering & controls. Packs 1500 salmon. Net reel. Power roller. (2) Bunks. Includes Cook Inlet drift permit. Nets available. Located Kenai, Alaska. 

40 Mel Martin GN621
40 x 11-7 MEL MARTIN. Volvo 71D 380 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG-507 1.97:1 gear. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Flush deck. Packs 16,000 lbs. Kinematics sliding net reel w/ levelwind. Power roller w/ fairleads. (3) Berths & enclosed head w/ shower. Located Nelson Lagoon, Alaska.

36 Ships Service Gillnetter GN661
36 x 11-10 SHIPS SERVICE. CAT 3208N 210 hp w/ under 600 hrs. Twin Disc marine gear. Gillnet reel w/ levelwind. 3-station helm. Vickers 15 gpm hydraulic pump. Rule bilge pumps. 240 gal fuel capacity, 40 gal water. Full electronics. Dickinson oil range. Stainless steel sink. Galley w/ fore & aft seating. ACR EPIRB. Located Homer, Alaska. MAKE OFFER!

34 Russian Marine GN513

34 x 12 RUSSIAN MARINE. Cummins V-504 210 hp diesel w/ 8500 hrs. Borg Warner 2:1 gear. 58" Gearmatic driven net reel. Power roller. Everything new or rebuilt! Possibility for seller finance. Includes Cook Inlet Drift permit. Lots of gear, spares, etc. available. Located Kenai, Alaska. 


34 Carlson Gillnetter GN622
34 x 14 CARLSON. Twin Volvo Penta 250 hp gas engines and 1.6:1 marine gear. 3-station helm. 24 kt cruise, 28 kt top speed. Hydraulic net reel. Interior remodeled 2012. Located Kenai, Alaska

34 Grandy GN610
34 x 9 GRANDY BOATWORKS wood gillnetter built 1941. Ford Lehman 120 hp diesel w/ 4000 hrs. Borg Warner gear. Packs 5,000 lbs.  Dickinson stove. Sleeps (2). Recent upgrades to deck, new fuel tanks. Located Wrangell, Alaska. 

42 Polar Marine GN503
42 x 14-6 POLAR MARINE. Lugger 6125 440 hp w/ 400 hrs on 2012 rebuild. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. Packs 20,000 lbs. Full electronics. (2) New aluminum fuel tanks 2016. Very clean and well equipped vessel. Includes 15' aluminum skiff w/ Honda 15 hp outboard. Surveyed at 265K. Located Homer, Alaska.

36 Twin Bowpicker BP192
36 x 11-9 TWIN BOWPICKER w/ Twin Kodiak 5.4 L V-8 350 hp. 19 kt cruise speed & 29 kt top! Packs 16,000 lbs. Net reel w/ Maritime level wind. 36" power roller. New aluminum hatch covers. Located Homer, Alaska.

33 Carlson Gillnetter GN506
33 x 11-6 CARLSON. Brand new Chevy 350 Vortek engine, &original 350 Vortek engine. Packs 12,000 lbs in insulate hold. 2-station Capilano steering & Hynautic controls. Sig Marine diesel stove. Cook Inlet drift permit available. Located Kenai, Alaska.

34 OHIMA Cook Inlet Drift Package GN472
1982 OHIMA 34 x 11 fiberglass gillnetter w/ CAT 3208N 210 hp installed 2014. Twin Disc 506-1 gear. Flush deck. Packs 16,000 lbs in single insulated hold. Kinematics power roller. KEM-drive reel. Levelwind, Package w/ Boat, Cook Inlet Drift Permit & Gear. Located Kenai, Alaska.
$145,000 OR BEST OFFER

37 Matsumoto Diesel GN559
37 x 16 Matsumoto with Cummins 6BT5.9M 315 hp diesel. Packs 20,000 salmon. Hydraulic net reel on sliding mounts. Power roller. ZF-220 1.90:1 marine gear. Keel cooling. 26 x 18 4-blade stainless prop. 2" stainless prop shaft w/ dripless packing gland. (4) bunks. Located Seward, Alaska.

42 Donald Woods Tender TN026
42 x 13 DONALD WOODS. 2014 Cummins 250 hp diesel. Twin Disc 509 gear. Packs 24,000 lbs in single hold. 9 kt cruise @ 1700 RPM. 4 kW gas aux generator. Furuno radar, RayJeff VHF, Uniden VHF, Sea Star autopilot. Dickinson Adriatic oil range. (7) Berths. Located Homer, Alaska.

38 Crusader Marine Cook Inlet Drift Pkg GN564
38 x 11 CRUSADER MARINE w/ CAT 3208T 325 hp & Twin Disc 506 2:1 marine gear. 3-station controls. KEM drive sliding reel. Vitec power roller. fuel capacity. water. Vickers 1" Rule 200 & 3500 bilge pumps. Jabsco 1-1/4 wash down. Includes CI Drift permit. Located Kenai, Alaska.

36 LaConner Gillnetter GN508
36 x 12 LACONNER aluminum gillnetter w/ CAT 3208 425 hp & Twin Disc 507 marine gear. 12 kt cruise, 16 kt top speed. Packs 18,000 lbs. KEM drive aluminum levelwind reel. Kolstrand power roller. 2-station Capilano steering & Hynautic controls. Kolstrand anchor winch. Located Kenai, Alaska.

37 Matsumoto Diesel Cook Inlet Drift Package GN502
37 x 11-7 MATSUMOTO diesel gillnetter w/ 2002 John Deere 6081 475 hp & Twin Disc 507 gear. 12 kt cruise @ 8 GPH. 3-station helm. KEM reel on sliding mount. HFS power roller. 300 gal fuel. Cook Inlet Drift Package. Located Homer, Alaska.

34 Carlson GN471
34 CARLSON gillnetter. Packs 12,000 lbs in (8) insulated brailer holds. Repowered & rewired 2012. Holds rebuilt & insulated. 20 kt cruise, 25 kt top. (3) newly hung shackles. Garmin electronics. Extra drum. Located Kenai, Alaska.
  (800) 992-4960 (907) 235-4966