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32 Basargin RSW Gillnetter GN725
32 x 14-3 BASARGIN BOATS. 2018 BUILD! 2018 Cat C18 1001 hp turbo. 10" bow thruster. 3-station helm. Flush deck. Packs 24,000 lbs. IMS 8.5-ton RSW. Maritime Fab reel w/ level wind. Kolstrand 40" power roller. Garmin electronics. (6) berths. Marine head w/ shower. Immaculate boat! Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Rozema Gillnetter GN745
32 x 13-1 ROZEMA. Detroit Diesel 671 425 hp w/ low hrs on 2016 rebuild. Twin Disc MG-507 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Wagner steering, rebuilt in 2019 & new ZF MMC controls. Kinematic power roller. Aluminum reel w/ auto levelwind & Twister drive. (3) Berths forward. Enclosed head w/ shower. Complete electronics. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.
$190,000 NEW LISTING 10-09-19

32 Bay Craft Gillnetter GN733
CAT 3208TA 375 hp w/ 12,500 hrs & Twin Disc 2:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Hynautic controls. Sliding reel w/ Twister drive & levelwind. Maritime Fab power roller. (3) Berths. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Plumbed for RSW. Packs 12,500 lbs in (11) holds. Flush deck. Includes SE Drift Permit. Located Wrangell, Alaska.

32 Modutech Gillnetter GN727
32 x 14 MODUTECH. Volvo 70D 300 hp diesel w/ 5000 hrs. Twin Disc MG-507 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse controls. Articulating Twister drive reel w/ levelwind. Maritime Fab 40" power roller. Packs 12,000 in (12) holds rigged for brailers. New ISUZU 10-ton RSW available. (4) Berths. Complete electronics. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Hydra Electric RSW Gillnetter GN718
32 x 13-6 HYDRA ELECTRIC 1978. Twin Detroit Diesel 6.5 V8 turbo engines. BorgWarner 2.01:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Hynautic steering & controls. Sound 60" power roller. Kinematics aluminum levelwind net reel w/ Twister drive. Flush deck. Technicold RSW. Insulated fishholds. (3) Berths. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 W. Bannon RSW Gillnetter GN729
32 x 12-7 W. BANNON. CAT 3196 660 hp diesel w/ 2200 hrs on rebuild & ZF 1.5:1 gear. 3-Station helm. Bow thruster. Flush deck. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Packs 15,000 lbs in (10) holds / (4) RSW zones. Maritime Fab levelwind reel w/ Rex Roth drive. Maritime Fab power roller. (4) Berths. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Modutech Bowpicker BP221
32 x 12 1978 MODUTECH Bowpicker. 1994 Mercruiser 7.4L 454 Magnum w/ low hrs. 2-station helm w/ power steering & Mercruiser controls. 24 kt cruise & 33 kt top speed. Hydraulic net reel. (3) Berths. Located Kodiak, Alaska.

30 Grayling Diesel PWS Drift Package BP212
30 GRAYLING BOWPICKER. Cummins 6BTA 370 hp diesel.  Borg Warner 72C 1:1 gear. Alamarin Jet unit AJ288. Flush deck. Packs 7,500 lbs of salmon in (2) holds. KEM drive Kolstrand reel. Kolstrand level wind. Webber power roller. Includes King triple axle trailer included. PWS drift permit available. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Midland RSW Gillnetter GN722
32 x 12 MIDLAND. Volva Penta 63 315 hp diesel w/ 3700 hrs on 2013 rebuild. ZF 1.8:1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Morse controls. 2017 bow thruster. Packs 13,000 lbs in (9) holds. Flush deck. Pac West 5.5-ton RSW. (3) Berths forward. Includes (6) 25-fathom shackles. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Curry RSW Gillnetter GN740
32 x 14-6 CURRY. Twin Car 3208 turbocharged 850 hp diesels. Twin Disc 507-1 gear. 3-Station helm w/ MMC electronic controls & hydraulic steering. Honda 2000 portable gen set. Curry aluminum reel w/ Kinematic Twister drive & level wind. Maritime Fab power roller. (4) berths. Marine head w/ shower. Located Sitka, Alaska.

32 Basargin / Ivanov RSW GIllnetter GN735
32 x 14-4 BASARGIN / IVANOV. Built new 2016! Cat C-18 1001 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc MG-5145SC 1.20:1 gear. 3-Station helm. 11" bow thruster. IMS 7.5 ton RSW. Kinematics Twister drive reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Packs 22,000 lbs in (4) holds. Sleeps (6). Marine head w/ shower. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Freestyle Marine / Basargin RSW Gillnetter GN743
32 x 14 FREESTYLE MARINE / BASARGIN. 2019 John Deere 6135 750 hp diesel w/ ZF 360A 1.47:1 gear. 3-Station ZF controls w/ Eaton steering. Wesmar 10" bow thruster. Pac West 10-ton RSW. Flush deck. Packs 24,000 lbs. KEM drive aluminum net reel. Marine head w/ steam shower. (5) bunks. Located Homer, Alaska.
$415,000 NEW LISTING 10-04-2019

32 Bayweld RSW Bowpicker BP215
32 x 14-8 BAYWELD new in 2014. Packs 18,000 lbs. Twin QSB Cummins 480 hp diesels & ZF 286 1.3:1 gear. 5 ton Pac-West RSW. Kinematics levelwind reel. Reynold 30" hydraulic roller & fairleads. Full electronics. Marine head w/ shower. Includes trailer. Located Homer, Alaska.

31 Uniflite RSW Gillnetter GN523
31 x 11 1979 UNIFLITE. Cummins QSB5.9 380GS 380 hp diesel w/ 3,000 hrs. Twin Disc MG-506 gear. 3-Station helm w/ Hydraulic steering & Hynautic controls. 8 kt cruise & 12 kt top speed. New IMS 5-ton RSW. Packs 10,000 lbs. Flush deck. Sliding aluminum reel. (3) berths. Marine head. Full electronics w/ autopilot. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Bay Marine GN739
32 x 16-2 BAY MARINE RSW. Mann 800 hp diesel w/ ZF 350 1.5:1 gear. 10" bow thruster. 3-Station ZF Clear Command controls w/ hydraulic steering. 2019 Northern Lights 6 kW gen set. IMS 8.5-ton RSW. KEM drive Kinematics reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Packs 19,000 lbs salmon. Complete electronics. Marine head w/ shower. Sleeps (4). Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Nelson RSW Gillnetter GN741
32 x 14 NELSON. Twin Isuzu 6BDI 225 hp diesels. Borg Warner 2.57:1 gear. 2-Station helm w/ Glendenning controls. 2018 IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Flush deck. Packs 22,000 lbs in 3 RSW zones. Kinematics Twister drive aluminum reel w/ Maritime Fab levelwind. Vitek power roller. (4) berths. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 KG Marine RSW GIllnetter GN737
32 x 13-6 KG MARINE. Detroit Diesel 6V92 450 hp. Twin Disc gear. 8" bow thruster. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Packs 22,000 lbs. Custom fab 200 ftm levelwind reel. Power roller. Garmin networked electronics. Dickinson Pacific diesel range. (5) Berths plus daybunk. Marine head w/ shower. Turn key package includes all nets, gear, spares, conex and shop w/ deck. BB drift permit available. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Rawson Gillnetter GN736
32 x 10-6 RAWSON. Volvo Penta TAMD 60TA 225 hp diesel w/ 6,500 hrs. Twin Disc MG-506 1.97:1 gear. 2-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Mathers controls. Articulating net reel w/ Twister drive & levelwind. Kinematics power roller. Complete electronics. Dickinson Loften oil heater. (3) Berths. Located in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 RC Scribe RSW Gillnetter GN732
32 x 13-4 RC SCRIBE GILLNETTER. Lots of recent upgrades! Lugger 6125 460hp diesel w/ Twin Disc 5065A 1.5:1 gear. 3-Station Hynautics controls w/ hydraulic steering. 2019 7.5-ton IMS RSW. Flush deck. PBI custom reel w/ Sea Drive drum. Maritime Fab level wind & Kinematic power roller. Packs 14,500 lbs in (6) insulated holds. Marine head w/ shower. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

29 Raider Gillnetter GN742
29 X 9 RAIDER. Yamaha C150TXRU 150 hp 2-stroke outboard. Yamaha shift & throttle controls. Honda GX620 power pack w/ close coupled hydraulic pump. Twister drive aluminum reel. Packs 8,000 lbs in (4) holds. Cook Inlet drift permit and trailer available. Located Nikiski, Alaska.
$32,000 NEW LISTING 10-02-2019

32 Modutech Gillnetter GN719
32 x 14 MODUTECH. Twin Volvo Penta 260 hp diesels. 3-Station helm. Packs 14,000 lbs. KEM drive sliding levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. (4) Bunks. Marine head w/ shower. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska. 

32 Modutech Gillnetter GN613
32 x 15 MODUTECH. Twin Volvo TAMD60 260 hp. Packs over 30,000 lbs of fish safely. 3-station steering w/ new helms. Hydraulic net reel w/ new level wind. Power roller. Includes lots of spares, tools, equipment, etc. Located Naknek, Alaska

32 Baycraft RSW Gillnetter GN697
32 x 13.4 BAYCRAFT RSW GILLNETTER. Lugger 6125 440 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG 507 2:1. 3-Station Hynautic controls. Niaid 8" bow thruster. Pac West 7.5-ton RSW. Packs 12,000 lbs. Custom aluminum reel w/ Sea Mar drive. Maritime Fab power roller. Sleeps (4). Marine head w/ shower. Available after 2019 season. Located Naknek, Alaska.

32 Bay Marine RSW GN693
32 x 12-2 BAY MARINE RSW gillnet longliner with Lugger-Kamatsu 460 hp diesel & ZF 1.759:1 gear. Packs 20,000 lbs RSW in 5 ton Pacific Refrigeration. Mathers Micro Command controls & Marol hydraulic steering. KEM aluminum levelwind reel. Kolstrand power roller w/ fairleads. Marine head w/ shower.  Located Homer, Alaska.

32 All American Bowpicker GN680
32 x 12-3 ALL AMERICAN. 2017 Cummins QSC 8.3 ltr 500 hp w/ 250 hrs. 2016 15" Ultrajet. Twin Disc MG 5057 1.16:1 gear. Twister drive Petrzelka Bros fiberglass reel w/ auto-levelwind, Maritime Fab roller. (2) Berths. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Baycraft RSW Gillnetter GN612
32 x 15-3 BAYCRAFT. Gillnet / seine / longline. Twin Volvo 500 hp diesels. Stbd rebuilt 2017. ZF gear. Flush deck. 2018 IMS 8.5-ton RSW. Packs 20,000 lbs. Custom aluminum reel. Maritime Fab power roller. (4) Bunks. Marine head w/ shower. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Roberts RSW Gillnetter GN687
32 x 12 ROBERTS. CAT 3208 turbo 260 hp diesel. Twin Disc 507 gear. New 3-Station helm w/ Hynautic steering & controls. 2018 Pac West 7.5-ton RSW. Flushed deck in 2018. Packs 12,000 lbs. Aluminum levelwind reel. Power roller. Sleeps (4). Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Shore RSW Gillnetter GN709
32 x 11-5 SHORE. Volvo Penta TAMD 310 hp diesel w/ 400 hrs on 2014 rebuild. Twin Disc gear. Flush deck. Packs 14,000 lbs. Cold Sea 3-ton RSW. Levelwind reel, power roller. Dickinson stove. (2) Bunks plus day bunk. Running take out IMS 7.5-ton RSW unit available for additional $20K. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska. 

32 Freddy's Marine RSW Gillnetter GN533
2012 FREDDY'S MARINE 32 x 13. Cummins QSM11 610 hp w/ 1100 hrs. Twin Disc MG-511 2:1 rebuilt 2016. 10" Bow thruster. 20 kt cruise. 7.5-ton IMS RSW. Vickers 4.3 & 3.8 hydro pumps. Packs 22,000 lbs in (4) holds. 3-station Marol hydraulic steering. Full electronics package. Kolstrand power roller. Custom net reel. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 American Commercial GN682
32 x 11-4 AMERICAN COMMERCIAL. Cummins 5.9L 210 hp diesel w/ 3000 hrs. Twin Disc gear. 4-Station Hynautic controls & Orbitrol steering, 23 x 21" prop. Pack 10,000 lbs in (7) holds w/ brailers. Flush deck. Twister drive levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Nordic longline roller. Marine head w/ shower. (4) berths. Includes gear. SE drift permit available. Located Petersburg, AK. 

32 Shore Gillnetter GN681
32 x 11-5 SHORE. New Cummins 6BTA diesel, 315 hp, rebuilt Twin Disc gear, 3-Station helm. Kinematics Twister drive reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Dickinson Newport stove. (3) Berths forward. Includes (3) Shackles of gear. Located Homer, Alaska. 

30 Petrzelka Brothers Bowpicker BP217

30 x 10-4 PETRZELKA bowpicker packs 6000 lbs salmon. Twin Marine Power 400 hp gas engines & Merc Bravo One outdrives. 27 kt cruise. Vickers 13 GPM hydraulic pumps. Twister drive fiberglass reel. Bow roller & fair leads. Cabin has two berths & marine head & shower. Located Cordova, Alaska.


32 Freddy's Marine RSW Bowpicker BP214
32 x 14 FREDDY'S. Built new 2016! 2017 Twin Cummins QSB 5.9L 445 hp diesels. ZF 1.02:1 gear. 12" Ultra Jets. 25 kt cruise! Packs 18,000 lbs. Pac West 5-ton RSW. Net reel and power roller. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 All American RSW Twin Jet Bowpicker BP198
32 x 13 ALL AMERICAN. Twin Volvo Penta TAMD63 diesels & Borg Warner gear. Packs 14,000 lbs in (8) holds. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Sliding aluminum reel w/ Gearmatic drive. (2) Maritime Fab 36" power rollers. Significant recent maintenance & upgrades. Located Egegik, Alaska.

32 Nordic Gillnetter GN695
32 x 12-4 NORDIC. Detroit 671 220 hp diesel main. Twin Disc MG-506 1.97:1. Wagner steering. Vickers hydro pump. Net reel w/ Maritime Fab levelwind. Sounder, GPS, inverter. Dickinson stove. Marine head. Includes gear. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Tom Lane Gillnetter GN670
32 x 13-1 TOM LANE GILLNETTER. Volvo Penta 720 285 hp turbocharged diesel. Twin Disc 1.97:1 gear, new 2008. 2-Station helm. Vickers hydro pump. Kolstrand reel. Kinematics power roller. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (4) Bunks. Marine head w/ shower. Located Port Moller, Alaska.

32 Glass Fab Gillnetter GN706
32 x 11 GLASS FAB. Isuzu diesel 130 hp engine. Velvet drive gear. 3-station helm. Packs 10,000 lbs. Net reel & power roller. (2) Garmin 240s. Diesel stove. Sleeps (3). Located Naknek, AK.

32 x 12 Roberts Gillnetter GN453
32 x 12 ROBERTS GILLNETTER. Chevy 502 V8 diesel. Borg Warner gear. 3-Station Morse controls. Narrow level wind reel & 40" power roller. Sleeps (6). Anchor winch w/ 45 lb anchor. Packs 12,000 lbs. Motivated seller. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Shore RSW Gillnetter GN675
32 x 11-5 SHORE. Pacific Detroit 6V-53 TI 375 hp diesel w/ new fuel pump. Twin Disc MG506 gear. (2) PTOs. Vickers hydro pump. 3-station helm. Packs 12,000 lbs. 2014 5-ton Pac West RSW. Sliding auto-levelwind net reel. Kinematics power roller. (4) Berths. New furnace. Spare tranny, starter, turbo, prop. Located Homer, Alaska. 

32 Roberts RSW Gillnetter GN678
32 x 11-8 ROBERTS. CAT 3208 210 hp diesel. 2-station helm w/ SeaStar steering & Hynautics controls.. Very fuel efficient! 2018 Pac West 5-ton RSW. Packs 12,000 lbs. Twister drive sliding reel w/ Kolstrand levelwind. Power roller. ComNav autopilot. (4) Bunks. Marine head w/ shower. Fished 2018 season. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 West Coast Marine Tophouse Gillnetter GN663
32 X 10-4 WEST COAST MARINE. Cummins 6BT 5.9-M 210 hp diesels. Twin Disc MG-506 gear. Packs 8,000 lbs in (8) holds. Qweensboro hydraulic levelwind net reel. Kinematics stern roller. Red Dot cabin heater. (2) bunks.Located Sitka, Alaska.

32 Matsumoto Aluminum Gillnetter GN493
32 x 10-6 MATSUMOTO 1966 aluminum gillnetter. Chrysler 440 keel cooled gas engine. Dry exhaust. Gearmatic reel drive rebuilt 2012. New ram. New drum shaft 2014. Fished 2016 season. Located Kenai, Alaska.

32 Rawson RSW Gillnetter GN643
32 x 11-9 RAWSON w/  John Deere Power Tech 200 hp diesel & Twin Disc 506 gear. Pac West 7.5-ton RSW. Eaton hydro pump. Packs 10,000 lbs. Kinematics 36" power roller. KEM drive aluminum net reel. Dickinson stove. (3) berths. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Matsumoto Gillnetter GN673
32 x 10-6 MATSUMOTO. Isuzu 6BD1 5.7L 180 hp turbo diesel. Borg Warner gear. 2-station helm. Vickers hydro pump. KEM drive net reel. Kolstrand power roller. Autopilot, radar, depth finder, plotter, VHF. New Dickinson Adriatic stove. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Wegley Gillnetter GN696
32 x 10-5 WEGLEY. Volvo Penta 60A 200 hp diesel. 3-station helm. Packs 12,000 lbs. Net reel. Power roller. Garmin plotter, VHF, Icom radio. Dickinson diesel stove. (3) Berths. Hydraulic anchor winch. 66 lb Bruce anchor. Includes gear, brailers, slush bags. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Thermodyne LL097
32 x 9-6 THERMODYNE. Vessel is midway through being converted from gillnetter to longliner. CAT 3208 225 hp diesel. KEM longline reel w/ levelwind. Hydroslave crab block. Shrimp pots. Sounder, GPS, plotter. Dickinson stove. Jabsco head. Located Seward, Alaska.

32 Rawson Gillnetter GN716
32 x 10-3 RAWSON. Turn key start. Detroit Diesel 453, 300 hp. Velvet Drive. Packs 8,000-10,000 lbs. 2" stabilizers. 3' main boom. Propane stove. Dickinson heater. (2) Bunks. MOTIVATED SELLER! Make offer. Lots of spares, parts, etc. Located Sand Point, Alaska. 

32 Mel Martin Gillnetter BP211
32 X 9-9 MEL MARTIN. 2014 Volvo Penta D-6 330 hp diesel. Volvo outdrive 1.78:1 gear. 2-Station helm w/ Volvo steering & Volvo Penta electronic controls. Twister drive aluminum gillnet reel w/ levelwind. Power roller. Packs 7800 lbs in (3) hatches. Located Metlakatla, Alaska.

32 Wegley RSW Gillnetter GN728
32 x 10-6 WEGLEY. Cummins 6BTA 5.9L 250 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc 506. 3-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse controls. Flush deck. Packs 9,000 lbs in (6) holds. Pac West 5.5-ton RSW. Aluminum reel w/ Rexroth drive. Maritime Fab roller. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Basargin Gillnet / Longline GN620
32 x 14-1 BASARGIN. Isuzu 200 hp diesel w/ approx 2000 hrs. ZF marine gear. Packs 24,000 lbs salmon in (3) insulated holds. Aluminum net reel. Live roller / hydraulic power roller combo. Located Homer, Alaska

32 Freestyle Marine GN601
32 x 14 FREESTYLE MARINE Gillnet / Longline new in 2016. CAT C12.9 1000 hp diesel & Twin Disc 1.5:1 w/ approx 1000 hrs. gear. 8 kt cruise, 34 kt top. New IMS 10-ton RSW.  Flush deck. Packs 25,000 lbs. Rigged for brailers. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 Rawson Gillnetter GN599
32 x 10-6 RAWSON GILLNETTER. TAMD 60B Volvo Penta 225 w/ 8500 hrs. Flush deck. Packs 9,000 lbs. 36" Maritime roller new 2016. Kinematics sliding reel w/ Twister drive. Maritime levelwind new 2016. New wiring 2015. Dickinson heater new 2016. (3) berths. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 x 14 Grayling RSW Bow picker BP220
32 x 14 GRAYLING RSW BOW PICKER. Twin Peninsular 6.5L 320hp diesel engines w/ 1100 hrs. Hamilton 1031 jet pumps. 2-Station Cable controls w/ hydraulic steering. Packs 10,000 lbs. Sea Frost 3-ton RSW. Aluminum drum, power roller. Dickinson diesel stove. (2) bunks. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

27 Fiberglass Gillnetter GN674
27 x 8 FIBERGLASS with Crusader 454 gas engine. Velvet Drive gear installed, needs to be replaced. 3-station helm & Morse controls. 4-blade prop. 11 knot cruise, 14 knot top speed. (2) bunks. Located Kenai, Alaska.

32 Wegley GN638
32 x 10-8 WEGLEY. BRAND NEW INSTALL Cummins 6BTA 5.9 M 260 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG506 1.97:1 marine gear. 3-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse controls. Packs 12,000 lbs. Twister drive articulating net reel w/ levelwind. Kinematics power roller. Dickinson Pacific stove. (3) berths. Set of nets. 2017 survey available. Located Naknek, Alaska.
$72,000 PRICE REDUCED 10-14-19

32 Commercial Marine GN625
32 x 13 COMMERCIAL MARINE. Flush deck. Seine boom. Pot puller / davit. Sound power roller. Kinematics Twister drive reel. Boat likely needs to be repowered. Great project hull. Located Ninilchik, Alaska.

26 Starvin Marvin Bow Picker GN701
26 x 8-8 STARVIN MARVIN BOW PICKER. Mercruiser 7.4HD 270 hp gas engine. Bravo II outdrive. 2-Station Morse controls w/ Wagner hydraulic steering. Hydraulic KEM drive fiberglass reel. Kinematics bow roller. Sleep (2). Located Kasilof, Alaska.

32 Freddy's Marine PWS Drift Package BP195
32 x 11-6 FREDDY'S MARINE. Twin Marine Power fuel injected 350 J6.0-VT V-8 Vortex engines w/ 1500 hrs. 30 kt cruise! 2-station Teleflex / Sea Star steering w/ Morse controls. Packs 8,000-9,000 lbs. 45" x 40" KEM drive levelwind reel. Petrzelka 30" hydraulic power roller. Sleeps (3). King triple-axle trailer available. Includes PWS drift permit. Available as boat only for $170,000. Located Homer, Alaska.

32 All American Twin Diesel BP188
32 x 12-5 ALL AMERICAN BOWPICKER with twin Twin Steyr M16 6-cyl 300 hp & Hamilton 211 8.5" 5-blade water jets. Packs 16,000 lbs. 20 kt cruise, 24 kt top. Comfortable interior. Cook Inlet Drift permit available. Located Kasilof, Alaska.

32 Freestyle Marine GN373
32 x 14 2011 FREESTYLE MARINE BUILT. CAT C7 315 hp & Twin Disc 5061 gear. Packs 20,000 lbs in insulated hold w/ IMS 7.5T RSW. Northern Lights 8 kW gen. 8 kt cruise @ 7 GPH. Kolstrand sliding reel w/ levelwind. Kinematics anchor winch. Eaton & Vickers hydraulic pumps. Located Bristol Bay, Alaska.

32 Roberts Gillnetter GN579
32 x 12-5 ROBERTS GILLNETTER w/ Lugger diesel 4480 hrs. 3-station helm. Aluminum net reel & Sound 48" power roller. Kinematics anchor winch. Garmin GPSMap 182 sounder plotter. Located Dillingham, Alaska

30 Roberts Cook Inlet Drift Pkg GN492
30 x 11 ROBERTS COOK INLET DRIFT PKG. Detroit Diesel 8.2L & ZF marine gear. 3-station Capilano steering & Morse controls. Flush deck. Packs 11K pounds in single hold. Package includes Cook Inlet drift permit, spare engine, transmission & trailer. Fished the 2017 season.  Located Kasilof, Alaska

32 Fibercraft Twin Diesel Bowpicker BP177
32 x 11-10 Fibercraft bowpicker. Packs 12,000 lbs. Twin Volvo Penta D4 225 hp w/ 115 hrs, new 2014. Cruises 22 knots @ 2850 rpm. New foam decks, bulkheads & cabin 2013. New aluminum fuel tanks 2013. Triple axle trailer. Cook Inlet Drift Pkg available for 190 K, Vessel located Kenai, Alaska.
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